Friday, April 29, 2016

Fighting the Fungi

Wednesday night my new Goblins and a few Human Barbarians (from my Saga Vikings army) attempted to halt the spread of the fungus.  Paul's Mushrooms enlisted the aid of some Crusaders and were determined to defend their spores.

The terrain is the club's.  The spore pod type things I'm told are melted coke bottles decorated with hot glue.  They are mounted on CDs and look great, so it's a shame not to use them more.

Most of the models were Quality 3 or 4 and combat 3.  Both sides had leaders.  The table was 4x2 rather than 3x3 because I wanted to use a terrain board and that's the size they are.  I'd forgotten my camera and so was reduced to using my phone.

On the left we have three Crusaders, one of which is the leader, then three little fungi and one big one and then the automaton.  On the right we have four barbarians (with the leader to the rear, there is also a juvenile barbarian hiding in the trees), the grasshopper (goblin friend) and then the goblins, five of them with the old dude at the back being their leader.

The fungi kept failing command roles so my guys moved up.

So appalling was their command roles that I was able to get everyone forward.

Of course then it was my turn to throw bad.

Both the barbarians and the goblins were in trouble.

The goblins are fighting back.

Grasshopper down!

This triggered a morale test and the goblins fled, most hacked down before they could escape.  Disaster!

However the remaining barbarians staged a come back.

And back they did come.

Things were going well (or rather better than could be expected) until this fungi inflicted a gruesome kill and the barbarian leader and the juvenile took this as a sign to make a run for it.

They ran.

Fungi triumphant!

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