Thursday, April 21, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor versus Indian

In what proved to be a challenging and exciting battle, my Greeks, with help from Commanders Mark B and Stephen N, took on Dave B's Indians assisted by Geoff.  As it was a busy club night I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I did take some.

Things got off to a bad start on turn one when the Greek left flank commander rolled a double one for activation and was downgraded to poor.  It then got worse when the second group move of heavy foot in that command became disordered.  The Indians focussed on the left flank cavalry, successfully shooting it to bits.

Right flank (me) and I was denied the terrain I wanted for my Thracians.  

We pushed forward anyway

Back on the left the Greek light cavalry is trying to shield the Greek medium cavalry, but it all ended in tears.

Like wise on the right, the Thracians couldn't win a trick.  However the centre had come into contact.

Things get interesting on the left.  Very interesting.  There was a lot of flank fighting and the Greeks just managed to hold their own.  Well done Stephen!

As my command was wiped out I did the noble thing and charged in, but it provided ineffectually (you get the hits only to have the opponent roll a one for their cohesion test). 


  1. A challenging game Sun of York! One worth replaying I think.

    1. Still learning and getting confused between the Impetus ruleset and others. We need to discuss arrangements for the games day.

  2. Its amazing how many times the double one, double six comes up in the initiative round. Last game I played only 1 of 6 generals on the table stayed as they were paid for.

    1. Yeah. I missed out some of the other events in this game. Dave's commander went down and Stephen's went up (and was eventually killed). So with five generals, only two remained unchanged.

      I also meant to say that this game saw the use of the new metal movement bases and they worked a treat. So thanks for organising them.