Friday, February 27, 2015

Wagons from Airfix Waterloo Assault Set

This post from Life In The Past Lane inspired me to dig out the two useful wagons that came with the Airfix Waterloo Assault Set.

Not sure I've ever used them on the table top, but I plan to one day.

They were assembled and painted a long time ago.

There was other stuff that came with the wagons.  I've got the wood pile somewhere and the log barricade.  Some sacks and barrels are around and in use as well.  There was a funny wheelbarrow thing as well, mines half painted or rather half the paint might have peeled off.


  1. I had forgot about those. Wish I still had my Waterloo set :-(


  2. Now these are really useful pieces of kit. I always rather liked including logistics elements in my armies, and these would fill the bill nicely.

  3. I've got to pay a visit to my parents' loft now...
    Great stuff :)

  4. Thanks everyone. They have kept their age well.

    I recently got the Italeri set French Army Support Convoy. Not sure when I will get around to it, but it looks good.

  5. That takes me back Mark. Always useful to have and if you have evr seen the Croeburn 1813 book published last year then the paraphanelia of miniature Napoleonic logistics takes on new meaning!!