Thursday, February 5, 2015

An Ace in the Making

Even if I don't get another kill, our Wings of Glory campaign got off to a flying start for me.

I'm the Camel with the green spot, Mark B is the Camel with the red spot.  Greg has the yellow Fokker and Stephen N who organised everything and supplied everything is the stripy Fokker.

All lined up.

Of course after all that organising and making the game happen etc, etc, Stephen is the first to go down.  The explosion cards were played with a modification, but it was deadly all the same. A short time later Mark B shot down the other Fokker.

Luckily at this stage Stephen didn't decide to pack up his models and go home.  The night was still young, time for another sortie in our campaign.

Same plane allocation as before.

A narrow miss.  The collision caused no damage on my plane.

The skies are safer after I shoot Greg's Fokker down.

This time Stephen got in a kill against Mark B.

But I had him in my sights and down he went making my third kill of the evening and the campaign.

Both games were very quick.  The only problem we had was with the a/c going full blast some cards got blown away.  I guess it added atmosphere.

Seeing how I am doing so good, here is my unofficial leader board.

I expect Stephen N to post the official results on the NWS blog.


  1. Very pretty, especially with that mat. This is one of those periods and genres (like SF, zombies, pirates, Wild West, Ancients) that I like but keep telling myself I must never get into.

    1. I'm with you there. Wings of Glory is good as it is playable straight out of the box and plays fast.

      Later this year I'm hoping to do some Wild West. I used to do Pony Wars in 15mm and at the club there is some interest in picking it up, although in 28mm.

      I've got three zombies staring at me waiting to be painted, although they will get more use with Songs of Blades and Heroes once I get that project underway (a vehicle to use my random collection of fantasy figures in a game or two).

      SF I've avoided, although I do have a few space marines and aliens plus a pre-made/painted model of the USS Enterprise.

      Ancients is my second period after Napoleonics.