Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2nd Nassau

This is a unit I have wanted to do for many years.  It represents the 2nd Nassau of the 2nd Dutch Belgian Division at Waterloo, the one that held La Haye, Papelotte et al on the far left of the Anglo-Allied army.

I am really pleased how these 15mm Old Glory figures have turned out and I'm really amazed that I got them finished within ten days of receiving them.  Go me!

20NsLN in line (yes there are only 19 figures, but it is the bases that count).

In column. The flag is from Warflags, I did a capture then an insert into Excel where I resized it.

Except for the pant leg, I avoid doing any of the yellow piping. 

 Perhaps the green is a bit bright, but at least they will be visible on the table top.  

.A very attractive unit, even if I do say so myself.

Just a test to see if they fit on a playing card, which in my very crude understanding is the new Blucher rules standard unit template (I might be wrong, but it is a useful thing to know in case I wanted to use cards as unit blinds at any stage).


  1. Very nice Mark...and looked even better in the flesh last night at the club.