Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Close Encounter

Last night we had another game in our Wings of Glory league.  A Bristol Fighter on a photographic mission escorted by a Sopwith Camel fought off the fabled white Fokker to complete their task.

The Fokker has intercepted the Bristol Fighter.
Simon C has the Fokker and is closing in on the Bristol Fighter piloted by Stephen N.  I am hurrying to to the photo recon's rescue.

The Sopwith Camel is closing fast.
The Fokker and Bristol Fighter have exchanged fire and also dropped down an altitude level.

The Camel engages the Fokker.
Diving down I get a shot in.  At this stage the Bristol Fighter has inflicted significant damage on the Fokker which is now slowed due to engine damage.

And the Fokker is chased off.
And then I'm tailing, but my aim is not good and my guns jam and worse, I miss judge the direction the Fokker is going and end up breaking off.

The Fokker ended up escaping with 13 damage (out of a maximum of 16).  A close encounter.

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  1. Some heavy loss there, That Bristol really did not need an escort LOL


    1. Yeah, it is a pretty good plane. The rear gunner really counts.

  2. Fabled - mmmmm - did it have any special game characteristics? Without any it was attacking at 1:2.

    Where's the official board?

    1. I had to say something about the poor thing - at least he didn't get shot down - but it was awfully close.

      Stephen will be doing the official board when he has sufficient motivation (as in a few kills).