Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stalingrad Crossfire Scenario

Last night at the club I umpired the Stalingrad Crossfire Scenario.  It is the one that comes with the rules.  An abstract and some play aids can be found here:

Mark B arrived first so he got to be the Germans.  Stephen took the Russians.  It was their first time with the rules.  They had received the abstract prior to the game and I only provided minimal explanation as to the rule mechanics, concentrating more on the scenario.  They seemed to pick it up easy enough, although the hidden deployment did cause a bit of problem and based on feedback I have developed an additional player aid by way of a map that can be used to write the location of a the units, rather than recording the location on the OoB list.

The playing area.  
It is amazing what you can do with cardboard, kitty litter, PVA glue and some paint.

Just in case anyone was in doubt of the scenario/period.

Using Recon by Fire, the Soviets successfully reveal some of the Nazis.  Recon by Fire is a thankless task as you need to throw a six.  Seems Stephen has the skills.

It was the Soviet's lucky day as in the factory, not only did they again successfully conduct Recon by Fire they went on to close assault the Nazis and capture their first building segment.  The Soviet's had mastered the art of throwing a six on a single dice.

The third platoon of the first company pour fire into a Soviet held segment of the factory, but without the Soviet's ability to throw sixes they have a tough time getting a result.

Despite Mark B bringing out a special set of green dice, the Soviets continued to display superior die rolling and were able to capture all the buildings in the factory complex.

Great game, even if just to see the look of disbelief on Mark B's face as Stephen threw yet another six.

I suppose I should clarify that Stephen was using my dice.  Apart from the green dice I provided everything, including the eclectic mix of 1/72nd scale figures (mainly plastic, but with a few metal dudes as well).


  1. That's quite effective terrain, needed to go for a close up view to fully appreciate it


  2. Looks pretty good - reminds me of Squad Leader, but played on a field of squares rather than hexes. At that, it seems to me that the SL Stalingrad scenarios would work with this game system.

    1. I never played Squad Leader, but I have/had the rules for ASL somewhere and always wanted to convert it for miniatures. From what I remember Crossfire seems a good match. You just need plenty of terrain pieces. Playing with hidden movement also makes for a fun beginning to the game.