Thursday, October 30, 2014

My First Black Powder Game

Thanks to Simon C I had my first game of Black Powder last night.  Not only that, I got to play with his amazing Seven Years War army, which if I understood correctly came from the paintbrush of Phil Olley (some of them, not all of them).  Simon had changed some of the ranges to better fit the table space we had and the more plodding nature of the troops.  I was in command of four French brigades and faced an equivalent number of troops from the German states commanded by Mark B and Stephen N.

I'd left my camera at home and was reduced to using my phone, so there are not that many photos (from me - others were taking shots so there might be more eye candy in the future).

A beautifully turned out French unit.

The mythical Battenbergs.

The forces arrayed against me.  There are cavalry also, but sadly out of picture.

The enemy advanced on their right and we met them on the hill and after a prolonged fight we were victorious.

The way the fighting would go, they would score almost no hits, but when they did score one I couldn't save.  I was able to inflict lots of hits, only to have them nearly all saved.

I liked the command system, but not that they could move and fire before I could fire (except when they had closed to combat).  The dice rolling for fire and close combat is also a mechanic I find a bit tedious.

Would I consider using the rules for my favourite black powder periods?  No, Napoleon's Battles and Fire and Fury for me!

Would I play these rules again?  Of course!


  1. Photos by Phone are excellent- very nice Armies- beautifully painted. Thanks for Posting.

  2. I've put a lot of though into my own fire and combat mechanics looking to somewhat less prolonged and tedious struggles. I think I might have come up with something. I'll be posting something about it in a few days. Meanwhile, those are some awesome soldiery, dude!

  3. lovely painted miniatures, great photos as well!

  4. They looked wonderful in the flesh Mark - painted by the irrepressible and highly talented Phil Olley.

  5. Nice looking games you've been having. Good for you to be playing rules on your list.

  6. A nice AAR with beautiful figures...

  7. Thanks everyone. I was fortunate to play with such lovely figures. You can see some more and possibly better photos here: