Sunday, January 12, 2014

WRG Ancients 6th Edition Competition in Newcastle, Australia in 1984

Another blast from the past, thirty years ago in fact.  WRG Ancients 6th Edition competition in Newcastle, Australia in 1984.  

Some things were fairly rudimentary ...

These first two pictures look like my mate Myron's Tibetans.  I can tell by the crappy die rolls!

There's my boys!  Tin Soldier Greeks (with some borrowed Minifigs to fill them out).  This was in the days of "flat basing" (think "flat earth" is more like it).  The only consolation is that the bases matched my wargaming table which in those days was a table tennis table.

Looks like my guys are in trouble. 
 Not sure what the columns were for, probably trying to dodge the chariots or something.

My guys again.  At least the scenery was flat too.

The WRG reference sheet visible.  
I think this was the rules with the +1 for seeing the army standard advancing.

There I am, eighteenth row in the left hand column, one draw and one win amongst many losses.  
Looks like I beat Myron by one point.

What was special about this competition was the man himself was there:  Phil Barker.  
Probably why I'd made the effort to go to Newcastle 

Phil is the gentleman in white standing on the right hand side adjudicating.

And for my troubles the great man presented me with this little trophy.  And very proud I was too!


  1. Great stuff almost got me tempted to get the rules out

  2. Brings back memories of similar times here in Canada. Wish we had taken more photos back then.

  3. Not sure I could play 6th Edition again.

    I played in a good number of 7th Edition competitions and even helped umpire in at least one. Sadly no photos. All last century.

    But stay tuned for the Cancon DBA competition later this month. There will be photos!