Friday, January 10, 2014


Fifth game of Wings of Glory and I'm still in training.  For this game three Sopwith Snipes and one Camel took on three Fokker triplanes somewhere over the Western Front (where it was anything but quiet).

My planes, Number 2 and Number 8 of Squadron 4.

First pass, Number 2 got some shots in but then its guns jammed.  Bother!

Bad collision by number 2 resulted in eight damage points.  Ouch!

Number 2 heading for home.  In the background one of the enemy Fokkers crashes and burns.

Things look bad for Number 8 which is in the sights of the Zebra, but help was at hand.  The none flaming plane being piloted by my compatriot circled round and shot the Zebra down.

All up a decisive win for the British with two enemy planes down to one of our own (which burnt to a cinder).

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