Friday, January 31, 2014

Cancon 2014 - DBA Competition Day 2

Enter the Burgundians

The armies that were fielded for Day 2 were from Books II and IV as follows:

III/10b Rajputs 747-1300AD
III/20b T'ang Chinese 618-755AD
III/21a Italian Lombard 584-774AD
IV/03 Anglo-Norman 1072-1181AD
IV/03 Anglo-Norman 1072-1181AD
IV/13a Medieval German 1106-1235AD
IV/14a Jurchen-Chin 1114-1234AD
IV/22 Serbian Empire 1180-1459AD
IV/43c Later Hungarian 1397-1526AD
IV/48 Yuan Chinese 1260-1368AD
IV/54c Medieval Scandanavian Swedish 1391-1523AD
IV/62 100 Years War 1322-1455AD
IV/64b Medieval French 1346-1418AD
IV/64b Medieval French 1346-1418AD
IV/74 Free Companty or Armagnac 1357-1410AD
IV/80 Hussite 1419-1434Ad and 1464-1471AD
IV/80 Hussite 1419-1434Ad and 1464-1471AD
IV/84 Burgundian Ordonnance 1471-1477 AD
IV/85a Wars of the Roses Engliah 1455-1485AD
IV/85b Wars of the Roses English 1487AD

Game seven was against Medieval Scandanavian commanded by my friend Brenton S.  It was a very bloody affair.  We were tied at four all, then five all until I was able to luckily score a sixth casualty and my first win of the day.

The battle developed over the hill on my left.

And this was how it finished.  What is you is what is left of the two armies.  My knights in the centre had just killed their opponents.

Game eight was against an identical Burgundian Ordonnance army, but my lads were better and I was a lot older than the opposing general and didn't hesitate to take advantage when presented with an exposed flank.  This was the first game in which I was not the attacker and got to deploy some of my terrain, most notably my new road.

I lost one element on my left, but my knights on my right ran down the enemy line killing the necessary four elements to achieve victory.

Game nine saw a medieval German army commanded by another junior general blown away by my mighty bombard.  No photos unfortunately.

Game ten was a loss against Anglo-Normans.  I foolishly had my bombard blocking my deployment and was unable to get my army into grips before it was all too late.

Bombard looks good, but is damned hard to maneuver if you ever want to get it out of the way.

Game eleven and I fought a 100 Years War English army commanded by a general only a fraction of that age.  I was the defender.

The enemy launched an isolated attack on my left.  I think the road intrigued them.  I lost one element to their four.

Game twelve and the final in the competition was against an army from the War of the Roses.  Another young general.  After going two down I was able to come back to a four to two win.

I was defending again.  In such situations I always deployed the Keep as my camp.  I had also decided to keep my bombard out of the action.  The enemy had a light element that they left in the rear as well so we effectively fought with eleven elements each.

I was mightily chuffed to come in overall second place!

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  1. Congratulations Mark - you did suitably relaxed when I saw you on day two BTW. Everything must have been well in hand!