Tuesday, January 14, 2014

42nd Foot - The Black Watch

Not that I don't already have enough Highlanders in both 15mm (as well as all those Airifx Highlanders I have), but here is the first of the touched up, rebased and in this case refaced unit of my early Christmas present (the lot buy of AB Miniatures painted by Dragon Painting Services).

Apart from the facings and new flag, I redid the drum and bagpipes.  The plumes are special for the 42nd (according to my source book: Uniforms of Waterloo in colour).  I took out the yellow stripe on the kilt with a black stripe.  Major touch up was some chipped paint and bent bayonets - I was rather rough opening the packet they came in.  The other thing I added was the white lace on the cuffs - the solid blue cuffs just didn't look right.

Here are some before shots (actually of the unit still to do):

And now for the finished product:

In retrospect I should have put the drummer and piper in the front rank of their own stand.

I was hit by serendipity when I saw this post the other day: Waterloo Highlanders: The 42nd Regiment of Foot.html  It also provided the inspiration to touch up the new flag as I had just used the generic one for blue faced regiments from Warflags.  Still not sure I have it right, but time to move on to the next unit.


  1. Thanks Phil and Andrew. Your comments are much appreciated. My next challenge is to get them into battle.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. A fairly simple change, but they look very different. I'm glad I didn't have to change the dicing on the hat bands.