Friday, January 31, 2014

Eight Years in Undercoat

Well I suppose you could say the shakos, boots and gaiters were done...

I thought it would be nice for my Middle Guard to be expertly painted and asked my friend Brenton.  I cleaned them up and undercoated them, as well as providing a print of the required uniform.  This was eight years ago.  Since then Brenton has fathered at least three children and the only additional coverage my figures got was dust and cobwebs.  :-(

They have now been retrieved and are on the project list for 2014.  Will they have better luck with me?


  1. Sounds a rough deal for the Guard, lets hope you get them off the table


  2. Well done! 8 years seems a long wait!

  3. There is a good chance I had these figures on my lead pile for eight years before undercoating them...

    I certainly purchased them in the 1990s.