Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prussian 4 IR 3rd East Prussian

My third and final unit from the Battle Honors pack I bought in 2011, this one is Nr. 4 Drittes Ostpreussisches Inf. Regt. (note the yellow shoulder straps).  The three pictures show the troops deployed in line, column and march column for Napoleon’s Battles.  I am very happy to have completed this project as when I bought the figures I remember distinctly telling myself that they were not to join lead mountain.


  1. Good man,
    Always nice to get a project completed!

  2. A nice painting. Do you'll wargame with this unit?

    1. It is part of my mass Prussian force, well over 800 points in Napoleon's Battles. There is an idea just to do big battle against an equivalent number of my regular opponent's French, but it is just an idea at present.