Saturday, October 12, 2013

Man Down

So, I am getting my troops ready for Sunday’s game and I was sure I had two Prussian officer stands.  My 20/25mm Napoleonics are in a display cabinet and as I was recently moving things around when I was taking some out to photograph, I might have misplaced one so I do a scan of all the shelves.  He’s nowhere to be seen.  How very odd.  Did I leave him in the studio after the photo shoot?  Most unlikely, but I check anyway.

As only I have reason to access them I am beginning to think I only had the one Prussian command stand and that I am getting confused with my 15mm Napoleonics.  But still, I remember distinctly the figure and that there is a photographic record on this blog.  How bloody weird?

My partner comes home from work and in passing I ask her if she has seen the command stand, knowing full well she will have no idea what I’m talking about.

She goes to the mantelpiece, moves a picture frame and there in pieces is the figure.

As confession is good for the soul and our relationship, not to mention my peace of mind, she tells me that it had fallen out or something when she was putting some of her items in the display cabinet.  Knowing how upset I would be, she hadn't the heart to tell me (or rather she hadn't yet had the time to tell me, not expecting me to notice one out of my thousands of figures missing).

Mystery solved.

This figure was done in the days when I thought removing bases to get that flat, close to the table look, was the way to go. 

Here’s hoping that the damage is nothing that super glue can’t fix.

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