Saturday, November 3, 2012

WW2 Matilda Tank MkIIs – Part 2


I agonised over the colours for the Caunter camouflage scheme.  My aim was to have a faded, used look and so I didn’t want anything too bold.  I was very happy with the VJ 70977 Desert Yellow that I applied over the base coat of Tamiya Flat Brown.  After trying out a few light blues on a scrap of card i had painted with the base coat I settled on the VJ 70906 Pale Blue.  The real problem was with the grey green shade.  To use a light grey looked too much like the light blue and a dark grey stood out too much.  I was having much the same trouble with greens.  One of the first I had tested was a craft paint colour Folk Art 923 Clover.  It gave a poor cover and I put it aside, but after going through other greens I came back to it and decided it gave the best worn look.

After that it was easy to do the distinctive red and white recognition stripes and I also added personalised vehicle names, more for fun than anything.  As the vehicles were meant for Crete I wanted something with a bit of Greek theme and went for Hero (my first choice and easy as only four letters) and based on its success I then called the other two Hector and Hercules.

Finally came the weathering.  I researched rust and settled on using some VJ 70982 Cavalry Brown which I painted on in a few spots and then used my finger to wipe off, just leaving a  stain in most cases and I was happy with that.  My research had also turned up the use of lead pencil to dirty up vehicles and that was the final bit of work I did.

PS These are Command Decision miniatures.

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