Friday, November 2, 2012


I have a long term plan to improve my terrain pieces and after a recent trip to Middle Earth, I mean New Zealand, I was inspired to have a go at making some hedges.  Previously for a Napoleon’s Battles game of Waterloo I had cut up a pot scouring pad into suitable strips and used it as is, with no detailing or basing.  They looked okay, but lacked charisma or stability.  Using the same material, but with bases from pop sticks, ever handy PVA glue, some sand, flock and lots of paint, I went to town making a dozen hedges.

I experimented a bit trying to produce something for a sunken road and my first proper hedges I didn’t take all the way to the end of the stick.  A couple I roughed up to break the uniformity.

For my next batch I will add some trees and do a smaller hedge height (these are 15mm, but I will try and see how 10mm looks). I might even try for a gate.

By painting the bottom of the base brown I also figured I could use the hedge sections to fill in as trenches or similar earthworks.



  1. I need to add flock at the bottom as well. I just have scour pad on the stick. And your trench idea is awesome.

  2. One trick I did learn was to paint the popstick brown first before gluing on the hedge.