Sunday, November 25, 2012

Field of Glory - Rome versus Dacia

My second game of Field of Glory involved the Early Imperial Romans versus the Dacians.  Richard commanded the Dacians and all figures and terrain was from his collection.
The Dacians hid in the woods and took up a position on a steep hill.  The Romans held back their left flank and advanced slowly in the centre, shifting to their right hoping to mass against the Dacian left.  Unfortunately the right wing Roman Auxiliary cavalry thought it was superior and could take on two units of enemy lancers.  It found this not to be the case.  Their commander died and they struggled on for a short while until they broke.  Auxiliary infantry was coming to their aid, but it also ultimately fared badly against the enemy cavalry.

However the Romans were not overly concerned as this reversal had brought out some of the Dacians into the open.  A Legionary unit went, but got badly chopped up.  A larger unit of Legionnaires joined in and a long struggle ensued until they were finally wiped out by the enemy lancers who took them in the rear (the picture shows the situation just before this happened).
In the centre the main Legion, after a bit of a setback, cleaned out the Dacian warband after a long struggle.

The Dacians finally came into contact with the much reduced Roman left, and while the Roman Auxiliaries on this flank fought much better than those on the right, numbers were against them.

While there was no overall ebb and flow, the battles were mostly good struggles and nearly all of the table was in use and there were no rules issues.  I am still learning the rules and this slowed us down as I wanted to understand the details of the mechanics as we fought and manoeuvred.

I am looking forward to the next game.

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