Monday, November 5, 2012

Wargaming as a Diorama

Over two days Richard and I played a game of Blitzkrieg Commander using his very extensive model collection and his custom built terrain.  While both a bit rusty with the rules, they played well and gave a fast moving game.  We hadn’t bothered with points or anything – it was more to use the figures and rules.

The German advance was held up in the marshes and a the Russian armour counter attack, while menacing, was ground down by wait of number son the German right and by a skilful deployment of Stugs on their left (aided by a very good commander).  Both sides had lots of command problems which gave a good air of uncertainty and difficulty.

If we were to play again we should probably be more deliberate on the terrain effects – how dense is the forest, where does its affects come into play, etc.

The only odd thing was the German Forward Air Controller seeming to be able to wander dangerously close to the Russians without much risk.


The German recon unit above did a lot of fighting.

In the above picture the German FAC is way out in front on the left hand side.  Coming down the road is some heavy duty Soviet armour.

In the above picture the KVII has caused the Germans to pause and consider the consequnces of further advances.

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