Sunday, June 4, 2023

More Napoleon's Battles Practice

Same scenario 2, only this time Stefan went French and I was the Austrians.

A nice tight deployment by both sides.

I'm using the photo recording technique I use for Basic Impetus,
but I am not sure it does justice to these games.
Plus I failed to consistently take photos at the end of each turn.

French artillery has been merciless on the Austrian right
and that brigade of French legere has also been very effective in sniping the Austrians
who are trying to take cover in the village on the left.
The action in the centre has seen charge, bounce, charge and counter-charge,
but with little to show for it.

It's hard to spot,
but the charge, bounce, charge and counter-charge,
with little to show for it has continued in the centre.

Nearing the end, both sides try to gain a victory,
but nothing quiet comes off.
Significantly, all free roll chits have been used!
That has to make it a draw.

In the spirit of a quick game when a situation occurred and we needed to check the rules we generally just did what we thought was best.  Subsequent checking confirmed that we got most things right.

Infantry fire is only blocked by enemy infantry and cavalry units (which is also the case for artillery fire).  You can't form a defensive screen with your artillery in other words, not that anyone was trying too.

Disordered troops do not use unformed movement, but withdrawing troops do, so a disordered square having to withdraw... 2nd Edition says penalties do not apply, but 4th Edition is clearer: "deployed units are changed to column".  This makes a lot of sense to me.  Attached artillery limbers up and moves with the withdrawing unit.

Firing from a BUA is the same as firing from a square which has the same arc as a normal unit firing.  This can create anomalous dead ground (i.e. by approaching from a corner).   Troops deployed in a fortification have around fire and any troops in contact with a front face of a unit can be fired at regardless of arc.

All this is telling me that I need to read the rules again!


  1. What are you practicing for? Something big planned for the future?

    1. I need to get back up to speed with the rules. I have Marengo ready to go for later this year. Plus a few other ideas.

  2. Looking forward to the AARs