Thursday, June 8, 2023

Barbarossa Turn 20 Soviet and Turn 21

The war continues as we move into August 1941.

AGN at the end of July

AGC on the road to Moscow (still some way off)

AGC southern portion
Moscow is the prize so not much expenditure of resources in this area.

AGS heading to Kiev

And heading to Odessa

Turn 21 August 1-2

Attacks on Talin which is not very well defended.

Final assault on Pskov

Another Soviet city about to fall.

Attacks on Smolensk

The south west road to Moscow

AGS tries a different attack angle on Kiev,
from the south this time.

Attack on Uman which is between Kiev and Odessa

Romanians at full commitment
(which is 33 steps or about 15 units).

The gap between AGC and AGS

Central Ukraine


  1. Lots of counters! Quite the game.

    1. It is more than a monster game, that's for sure.

  2. I've enjoyed following this

    1. Thanks. It is proving a challenge to take some of the photos due to he game's size. I'm holding up my phone and clicking and hoping for the best.

      I am interested to see how this game compares to the one I am doing on Vassal, but I think that will be many months away before I can see how things have turned out.

  3. I assume that the air and naval support are quite abstract - CRT shifts?

    1. Naval support adds combat factors. Air adds dice roll modifiers. Dice roll modifiers are capped at +/-3 and can produce quiet adverse results.