Thursday, January 20, 2022

Arab Conquest versus 100 Years War English

This was a practice game, John, running the English is still learning the rules and while I tried restraint, as much as one can running Arabs, the dice were in my favour, particularly the Initiative rolls.

Rather a lot of terrain on the board.
I'm just responsible for the little wood in the lower right corner. 

While the English shift to their left,
the nomads line up hoping to go through the gap before it closes.
The joys of playing at the table edge.

The Arabs are moving forward,
while the English recover their order.

Shooting has commenced
and then one unit of nomads makes a dash round the English left flank.

The initial clash has been inconclusive...

But the subsequent round was devastating.

It is looking bleak for the English.

Very bleak indeed.

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