Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Soviets Are Coming

Perhaps not as catchy as "The Russians are coming" but more accurate given the demographic makeup of the forces facing the Axis on the Eastern Front.

I have been watching for a Soviet army for sale and when I saw this on The Australian Historical Wargamer Trading Post on Facebook I pounced.

These images are what appeared on Facebook.

455 professionally painted troops - still in packaging from painter
4 x 4 horse carriages
120 pieces of armour trucks etc - built and in base coat
23 arty pieces - painted crews are in the troop packs.

All up 10.6kg!


  1. Wow. An army and a half! The infantry look fantastic.
    Some work to do on the tanks though.

    1. I will try and work through the kit on a scenario basis. Soviet armour is easy to paint if I follow the style I use for my US armour (and without the hassle of fiddly transfers) so I'm not too concerned. First task is to get a set of drawers to house it all in.

  2. A great army. I love the horse driven stuff...and like your army barracks ...clear individual packets lol

    1. They have now arrived and the unpacking has commenced.