Monday, August 26, 2019

Kasserine Pass 1943 - Take Three

Having created terrain, collected figures/models, mastered rules (mostly) and made labels for scenarios it is no trouble to play them through a number of times.  Apart from the joy of the game, it is always interesting to see what can happen with a different approach.  On Saturday Stephen took the role of Rommel and conducted a different arc of attack from the previous two games of this scenario.

Rommel launches an attack on the 16th RCT of the US 1st Infantry Division.
This is the western pass and had been ignored in previous games.

The rest of the Axis start to deploy before CCB of the US 1st Armoured Division,
at the eastern pass.

The Axis attack on the western pass is developing well.
The ability to cross the diagonals between terrain squares aids the attack,
however this would be different if we were using hexes...

Things are not going as well for the Axis assault at the eastern pass.

The Axis have taken the western pass.
16th RCT are skillfully falling back, exploiting the diagonals to link up.

The Axis decide to try and infiltrate around the eastern pass,
in the hope of gaining some advantage.

Reinforcements arrive just in time for the US 1st Infantry Division.

A bad command roll for the Axis.
In contrast to previous games, 
we only had one such Yahtzee of a roll in this game.

The US forces have pulled back.
1st Armoured is now focussed on the eastern pass defences and the lines of communication.
The battered 1st Infantry have taken over defending the central pass.

The US 1st Infantry Division reinforcements are demonstrating towards the western pass.
Meanwhile the battles rage for the other two passes.

The US defenders of the central pass seem beleaguered,
while those of the eastern pass are down to their last man.

The eastern pass fell 
and the Axis were able to make final attacks on the central pass and the road exit to Thala.  
Both attacks failed.  
A win at either one would have given them victory.


  1. Looked pretty close, from the pictures!

    1. Yes, most of the units were down to their last strength point.