Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Imperial Spanish

This was my club's Impetus league semifinal game.  It was tense.

 End of Turn 1.
I have advanced my light troops into the broken ground.
On my right flank there was a wood, but neither of us went near it.
The hill (which was my terrain choice) was to my advantage and I placed my legions there, 
behind what I thought was the crest line (1H in from the edge).  
My opponent argued otherwise and I let it drop.  
I didn't want to be too defensive.  

 End of Turn 2
Both sides cautiously advance.
I discover it will be impossible for my light troops to get any hits on the enemy,
 so I just have to hope they can close.

 End of Turn 3.
The enemy artillery and musketeers have blown away my rock throwers.
There is a significant disconnect between the weapon systems of these two armies.

 End of Turn 4.
I decide to pull back out of the broken ground.

 End of Turn 5.
I have been able to mass my cavalry bow against the enemy's lead pike block.

 End of Turn 6.
My old fashioned bow fire is superior to the enemy's wonder weapons.
Although I have now lost two units, I have dented one of the pike blocks.

 End of Turn 7.
Sometimes the enemy musketeers have a deadly aim,
but that pike block is looking a bit exposed.

 End of Turn 8.
I have lost another unit,
but my remaining light cavalry are about to cover themselves in glory.

 End of Turn 9.
The enemy heavy cavalry now enters the fray.

 End of Turn 10.
The height of battle.
My cavalry has run down theirs.
Their remaining pike block craftily struck my line on an angle, 
but failed to make an impact.

 End of Turn 11
My cavalry has run down a heap of the enemy, but now have the enemy light cavalry on their tail.

In what was a singularly ineffective counterattack, my left hand legion had charged the pike block and been severely skewered.  The game is now very close which each side just one unit off from breaking.

End of Turn 12
My Blue Legion held, while the White Legion routed the enemy harquebusiers.

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