Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantine verus Early Imperial Romans

Today my Byzantines took on Richard's Romans in what was his first game of Impetus Second Edition.  It was a quick game.

The Romans deployed first which gave me a chance to position my forces to advantage.

 Oh no!
My CinC is downgraded on the first roll.

 End of Turn One.
My massed cavalry are raining down a storm of arrows 
on the exposed Roman cavalry on their right wing.

 By the end of Turn Two, 
the Roman right wing cavalry had been routed,
but their remaining troops are advancing fast.
My cavalry has made a bit of a dent.

 Not again!
My sub-commander gets downgraded.
At least my generals remain reliable.

But by the end of Turn Three it is all over.
My cavalry command was one off from breaking,
but they had done their job.

I'm still learning these rules.  Lesson for today was that cavalry fighting heavy foot is a bit risky, even when delivering a flank attack.  This is because of how the factors affect the Cohesion Test for melee.

I am sure my generals will roll better once I get some proper Byzantine command figures on the table.  

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