Thursday, July 27, 2017

Athenians versus Thessalians

Just time for a DBA 3.0 game last night.  Stephen took some of my Greeks to make an Athenian army and I took some to make a Thessalian army.

I was the defender and went for some nice ploughed fields.  
My first PIP roll of a one meant those fields were rough terrain.

Action quickly developed on my right.

And on my left.

It was a bit back and forth

As the main battle line of the Athenians started to close,
my forces on the flanks started to make progress.

And when the clash of spears commenced,
although pushed back, the Thessalian line held.
The Athenian wings had however crumpled.

This was only my third DBA 3.0 game and I'm still coming to grips with them.  Some of my rule adjudications possibly reverted to DBA 2.2 due to the excitement of this simple, little but very elegant game.