Monday, July 17, 2017

Dog Girl

Only the most tenuous link to wargaming with this post, but check out my 8mm film debut for a laugh.

I starred in my sister-in-law's entry for the Perth Film Festival's Revel 8 Super 8 segment.

I salvaged a bag of stuffing from the shoot and hoped I could reuse it for explosions etc, but initial tests have not been so successful.


  1. What an unusual film. A very central role indeed!

    Well done!!

    In the closing scene, are those ants on a tree trunk??

    I liked the dawg fight scene. A fight to the death.

    Let slip the dawgs of war.

  2. I was well pleased with it, very pleasantly so. You don't get to see any of the film until the night. There's no editing or post production.

    No ants. Alli's failed attempt to do end credits by writing on a tree.