Sunday, July 30, 2017

1400 Days - The US Civil War Day by Day

In addition to reading Volume One of Bruce Catton's ACW opus (which gave me a good feel for the causes of the war), as we played War Between The States I read this book: 1400 Days by Chris Bishop, Ian Drury and Tony Gibbons.

It made great companion reading, although our game didn't reflect history much (that might be different when I get into the game with Vassal using the latest rules).

The illustrations are excellent and the day by day account gives a good pace and also provides some wider context (as does the introduction and the end piece).

I know I bought my copy cheap, years ago.  I now know why.  It is missing pages 161 to 176.  This means it skips from 25 November 1863 to 24 March 1864.  Boo!

Next up is to read Terrible Swift Sword, Volume 2 of Bruce Catton's trilogy.


  1. The Catton trilogy is fantastic. I also really enjoy Shelby Footes work and recommend it.

    I really liked the turn summary of the civil war game reminds of the days crawling around the floor as a teen playing but rarely finishing those giant spi games!

  2. Yes, playing WBTS was very much a return to our youth (although thankfully without having to crawl on the floor). I have fond memories of having the maps for SPI's War in Europe all over the house when I was teenager. Only lost one counter when a Russian division was eaten by my dog.