Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maiden Flight

Well, I finally too the plunge and bought a Wings of Glory Duel pack, Albatross versus Spad.  Last night was the maiden flight for the Albatross.

Ste up saw two German Albatrosses jump the English bomber and its two escorts.  That is me closest to camera, the one with the white insignia on the side.

The escorts peeled off but we stuck to the bomber getting in aimed shots.  My guns jammed at this point and I was trailing smoke from taking hits from the rear gunner.

But I kept at it, hopefully giving more damage than I was taking.

Mission accomplished.  I head for home having shot down the bomber.  I had sixty percent damage to my plane, but made a safe landing.

A very successful maiden flight!

The British were controlled by the one player and while this gives some coordination benefits it does put the player under pressure.  Each German plane had a player which made us quick to select our movement cards and gave plenty of time to attack the English player with deadly banter.

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