Saturday, February 1, 2014

Flight of the Giants

I guess I will keep on posting on the regular Wings of Glory games while I can continue to come up with catchy titles - time will tell.  I have to say playing on the terrain mats makes for a very photogenic games.  Trying to get the "good shots" is almost a game in itself.

I was in the plane with black stripes.  We had four Sopwith Camels attacking two Gothas protected by a Fokker Triplane.  Six players including three juniors.

I had taken engine damage and was having trouble catching up.  Other of our planes suffered gun jams, but we got the big purple bomber and the Fokker, but lost a few of our planes, including mine which blew up.


  1. Just caught up on your blog. You've been doing some fun looking stuff. Congratulations on the 2nd place in the DBA tournament. Wings of Glory looks interesting. I have a copy of Fight in the Skies around here somewhere. For dog fighting right now we are all about X-Wing.

    1. Thanks Sean. A project for this year is to get the WW2 Wings of Glory. With so much on the "lead pile" it is nice to get something to go right out of the box (although I will hanker after my own painted miniatures).

      The WW1 Wings of Glory belong to Stephen at the NWS. It is clearly addictive, but you have to admit those German WW1 bombers are awesome.

  2. These are very good looking games at the club Mark. I know that young Alex absolutely loved his game with yourself and Steve the other week. Many thanks.