Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DBA Amongst Wings of Glory

Mark and I played about five games of Wings of Glory today in under three hours and still had time for a game of DBA.  The air duels went three to two in his favour, but in the last game my Spad got a kill against his Albatross when he drew the explosion card.  Ouch.

We thought it would be interesting to us the mat for a DBA game and my Burgundians fought his 100 Years War English for possession.  My right was going down and my left could not get into action, but in the centre a lucky roll by me killed his general.  We were both down two elements so loss of the general gave me the game.

I'm so used to playing DBA on a plane board that playing on the mat was a bit discombobulating.  It would probably go better with 5mm, but certainly served its purpose.


  1. Please write out 100 times, "I will not swear on my blog..."!!!

  2. "discombobulating" is not a swearword :-)

  3. I use discombobulating all the time ;o) anyway... I like the board map used for your DBA game.. great!


    1. Thanks Phil. The mat worked well, but if it was to be a regular thing I would want to have some matching terrain pieces to put down. It might just be easier to create a dedicated mat (probably 800mm square for DBA 2.2+ and that would also mean I could do 700mm which was the size used at Cancon and 600mm for "classic" DBA 2.2.

      By the way, you have some impressive armies and notes on your blog!