Sunday, March 17, 2013

Early Successor vs Mid-Republican Roman

This time my Early Successor Greeks commanded by Lysimachus took on a new opponent, Mark and his Mid-Republican Romans.  The terrain was agricultural and my pikemen and hoplites deployed between two fields with the Thracian foot and Elephants on the right with the flanks protected by light infantry and cavalry.  One battle group of Thracians was posted on the left.  I advanced with my skirmishers on both flanks and pushed forward with two battle groups of Thracians supporting the elephants that I was sure were going to be Roman killers.  Eh, no...

The elephants and their supports just couldn’t get an edge and with a small loss the elephants threw the dreaded “1” and lost an element and dissolved.  Their Thracian companions soon joined them.

On the left things went differently with the Greek heavy cavalry running down the Roman lights and the Thracians getting the upper hand on a unit of Roman legionnaires.

Back on the right the Romans broke a unit of Hoplites and the Greek lancers charged desperately to try and stabilise the line.

Meanwhile on the left and centre there was desperate fighting as both sides heavy infantry came into contact.

The Romans started to rollup the Greeks from the right and had a stunning victory over a pike block.  Could the Greek cavalry reverse the situation?

While the Thracians on the left turned to take the Romans in the flank, in the centre the Greek cavalry smashed through the Romans taking them in the flank as they moved in on the final pike block.

It was a close run game with lots of action and seesawing of combats.

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