Sunday, June 19, 2011

Prussian Napoleonic Cuirassiers – Part 1

I have had these 16 AB Prussian Napoleonic Cuirassiers for a few years and schedule to be a 16PrHC brigade for Napoleon’s Battles.  They have been cleaned up and ready for undercoating and today’s the day (partner’s requirements to go and look at lights and daughters demands for homework assistance not withstanding).
A bit of research and study has identified these figures as being in the dark blue Litevka campaign dress.  I had thought they were in white uniforms which I always find tricky painting, but blue, while rather pedestrian, is straightforward – black undercoat all around.

This site was a good source of information:

This picture comes from that site and is how my figures will be painted:

 But for now this is what they look like:

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