Monday, June 13, 2011

800 point Napoleon’s Battles game – Part 3

Sunday 1:00 to 6:00 real time, 13:00 to 14:30 (3 turns) game time.

The battle continued for the hill on the Austrian right.  The Grenadiers and the rallied troops drove off the French after a very tough fight, including a strange round in which a French infantry brigade in square was found to be attacking an Austrian artillery battery – what is the combat factor the French should use?

In this picture can be seen the fighting for the vineyard and farmhouse in the centre, but the true situation can be seen by the position of a French cavalry brigade in the plowed field after it had ridden down many of the routed Austrians as well as dispersing the Austrian heavy cavalry division.  Luckily for the Austrians, it soon dispersed as well.

The French then launched a massive attack on the Austrian left after the Austrians had shifted two cavalry brigades and one Grenadier brigade to their right flank.

The French attack was well coordinated.  The Austrians thought they were okay with their cavalry on react, but when the time came found they couldn’t attach to an artillery battery, thus creating rules question number two.  Is it only artillery (and generals and wagon trains) that can initiate an attachment?

There then came two disasters.  The French had a breakthrough with a cavalry brigade and the Austrians failed to react or bring fire on it.  Doh!  This was question number three, but turned out to be well covered under the recall sequence in the rules.

The Austrians started their riposte when they suddenly realised ... Nooooooooo!!! The general who they had entrusted the two brigades of cavalry that they hoped would finish off the French on their right turned out to be from the wrong Corps.  With that the Austrians conceded.

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