Thursday, December 7, 2023

Barbarossa Turn 36 and Turn 37 Completed

Turn 36 completed and mud in north and centre on Turn 37 meant for a quick session.

Fairly static in the north although both sides are building up around Lake Ilmen.

The game has out done itself with the Leningrad insert map.
All too complex to focus on when Moscow beckons.

And the Axis have smashed a whole in the line before Moscow.

Kiev is now isolated.

And the Axis are spreading out over the Ukraine.

Turn 37

Army Group Centre pushes forward in the mud

Army Group South consolidating north of the Dnepr.

And on the Black Sea coast

The situation a at the end of Turn 37 which is 3 September 1941




There are two key railway bridges to be repaired downstream from Kiev.

Far south