Thursday, September 14, 2023

Huns versus New Kingdom Egyptians

For their fourth outing my Huns faced Dave's Egyptians.  Not an historical match, but it would be interesting to see how the Huns weathered the Egyptian firepower.  Turned out with ease as Dave rarely could get his dice to roll higher than a four.

Out scouting the opponent with light cavalry 
means you can decide best placement after seeing where the enemy are.

Distract their centre and sweep round their left flank was the plan.

That lone unit in front of the chariots is at risk of being shot up.
Meanwhile the flanking force has got into position.

Things are developing quickly,
Some more Huns have moved to the centre,
light cavalry has twice the speed of chariots.

Huns now have the lone chariot at their mercy.
The Egyptian left flank is now fully engaged.

Egyptian losses have quickly mounted.
The Hun Nobles are getting ready to join the combat.

Things are not going at all well for the Egyptians

All over.

What a wild ride!


  1. Great game and looks like the Huns played to their strengths.
    The last photo looks like Custer's Last Stand 😁

    1. Thanks. Yes, very much surrounded by bow armed light cavalry.