Sunday, May 28, 2023

Here I Stand for four turns at least

Friday saw us start another game of Here I Stand.  This time Richard was the Ottomans, Jeff the Protestants, Simon the Hapsburgs, while I was the Papacy and we had two newcomers to the game with: Mike playing France and Russell England.

Turn 1 and Luther gets off to a good start 
and it looks like piracy might breakout in the Mediterranean.
England goes to war with Scotland and France comes to their aid,
perhaps not fully appreciating that they are already start at war with the Hapsburgs and Papacy.
At some point the French fleet was completely sunk giving England mastery of the seas.

Turn 2 
Did I say Luther had got off to a good start?
The unpronounceable league has been established!
Hungary collapses bringing the Hapsburgs into a war with the Ottomans.
France went to peace with everyone but England who have an Irish War added to their woes.
(Note: an Irish war where both sides threw double 1s at one stage of the combat)
The Papacy allies with the Hapsburgs, lending them fleets to help fight pirates.
Genoa flirts with France before joining the Papacy.

Turn 3 and France is in the lead.
Luther and the Pope are busy printing and burning books respectively.
Pirates have been defeated.
French explorers fail to explore instead becoming tasty treats.

Turn 4 
England has a healthy heir after the Pope grants a divorce.
Pirates were again smashed and in following up the Ottomans lost Athens,
after the Pope provided the Hapsburgs with some professional rowers in their hour of need.
Halley's Comet appeared which was seen as a dark omen to Reformation.
The Pope claimed it was the Hand of God.

The version of HIS we are using is the part of the 500th Edition and has a few rule variations that we have not necessarily fully identified for the 2nd Edition rules.


  1. The Hapsburgs remain incontrol athens by virture of the dice gods and the Papacy lending us professional rowers , probably as efficient as the extra Papal ships themselves.

    1. But will the dice (and card) Gods allow you to retain Athens?