Thursday, October 29, 2020

2nd Punic War Carthaginians versus Late Eastern Imperial Romans

This week at the club I ran my Carthaginians as they are supposed to be, complete with elephants.  Dave went with Romans.

I had to deploy first.  

But I then had a slight advantage in moving second.

By the end of Turn 2 we were oh so close!
The Numidians had already tasted blood.

Even though the Romans using their Decisive Initiative got to charge first,
with the exception of the Spaniards, the Carthaginians stood their ground.
First time I had used elephants and they performed perfectly.

But then when the elephants stomped into the flank of the Roman heavy cavalry,
look what happened!
All those dice and not a single hit!!

So I then charged with the cavalry commanded by my general.
This activates all the other units.
Just look at those hits - five of 'em!
The Libyan spearman received one hit (from just three dice).
 Their cohesion roll of 4 turned this into one real hit :-(
The Romans rolled a 2 for their cohesion test resulting in one real hit for them.
A tie!

But by the end of Turn 4 the Roman heavy cavalry had been routed.
The elephants now have the tricky job of stomping the slingers.
However the Gauls have received a severe set back.

But the final turn saw the Gauls make a decisive charge,
routing the enemy legion and their general.
The Carthaginian general was hanging on with the cavalry, just!

What a battle!


  1. Always lovely to see elephants on the table. Always amazing to see them still there at the end! Pleasing (if on your side) when they do well :)
    Regards, James

    1. They certainly went off doing their own thing in that game. Very nice.