Thursday, June 14, 2018

Wings of Holes


Shot To Pieces

Back from four weeks holiday in France (it was fantastic, some related posts will hopefully eventuate) and first night back at the club, what do I find, my camera battery was flat.  No problem, I had a spare.  That was flat.  Switch to phone.  It takes two photos and then gives up (I'm due a new one).  That leaves me with the iPad.  It takes blurry photos which Mark B detects as not blurry but smeery.  He finds a lens cleaner and we are back in business.  All well and good except for some reason the photos seem to be upside down.  Merde !

I feel compelled to take the French side and command two Nieuport NL28s.

The key thing to note is they can take 14 points of damage.

My opponents are Mark B in the two seater and Stephen in the yellow bird.

I thought being in control of two planes would mean they are well coordinated, 
which is a bit of a cheat really.

But I started taking immediate damage (and had my guns jam).

Things are hotting up.

And cooling down...

And really hotting up.
Luckily my planes had gained a few metres of altitude in their Immelmann turns
 and so avoided a very nasty potential collision.

Remember, the damage my planes can take is 14.

More dog fighting.

Looping the loop etc.
One of my planes is now smoking.

Diving and heading for home.

My planes were on 12 and 13 points of damage.
The German two seater was on 15 (it could take 16).
Stephen got away with just a cowardly 6 points of damage.

I have my regular photographic device (and its spare battery) on charge, so hopefully normal viewing will return.


  1. You must still be in the northern hemisphere, hence the upside down camera!
    (Actually, the home button sets the bottom of the photos)

    1. Yes, my camera was set for the other hemisphere.

      Then again, I'm reminded of the theme for Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines... "Up, down, flying around, looping the loop and defying the ground" or something like that.