Saturday, January 14, 2017

WW2 Australian Infantry 15mm – Stocktake

Back to the lead mountain range and see what I have as part of the Australian force.  Just to be on a positive note I'll include what I've completed so far.  Not sure why I stalled.  I can see I repositioned teh command stand, something that was irking me.  Not sure I'm happy how to base the 2pdr AT guns and I recall the Cruiser tanks being a challenge, but I've got one done so must have got stuck considering how to detail it (if indeed I was going to do anything like that).

I do know I want more variety if I'm going to create some Greek militia for Crete.


4 HMG (3 crew)
2 3" Mortars (3 crew)
18 Infantry bases (4 figures)
12 Infantry bases (2 figures)
9 Infantry bases (1 figure)
3 Matilda II tanks


19 figures
2 2pdr AT guns
3 Bren Carriers
1 Car
1 Command base (4 figures)

To Do


3 Mk IV tanks
3 Cruiser tanks
2 Bofors AA guns
8 Brits drinking tea (Peter Pig) - novelty value and for possible militia
8 Infantry (Peter Pig) - for Greek militia
8 Infantry (Peter Pig) - for Greek militia

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