Thursday, January 12, 2017

Early Macedonian Successor versus late Imperial Roman (West)

This was a club league game, my Greeks taking on Brendan's Romans.

Lotsa infantry

My right wing cavalry

Left wing cavalry

I start to advance my front screened by peltasts.

Who get badly shot up on the right

But go unscathed on the left.

Close, but need to get closer as my javelin fire is not having any impact

Finally, a target on the left.

On the right the peltasts are continuing to hurt

My guys clean out some archers and then face some cavalry

Getting close...

Clash, bang, wallop!

My left seen from the Roman lines.


My right as seen from the Roman lines

Around this time both CinCs are killed in combat.  Time to call it quits.

A bit of progress on my right.

A bit of progress on my left.

But the centre of my army was very run down.  Sadly no photos as we had run out of time and had already started packing up before I realised I was short a few final shots.

The Romans had suffered to, but probably had the upper hand.


  1. Beautiful looking game. Those hoplite shields are very eye catching ;)

  2. Looks very nice...and colorful!

  3. Check out Brynden's post: