Thursday, November 24, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor versus Burgundians

Battle of the pikes in my second league game, this time against Andrew's Burgundians.

There is broken ground on my right and an impassable lake on my left. 
There are lots of longbow to my centre.

My peltasts have to run the longbow gauntlet.

First blood to the Burgundians.

But their genius commander turns out to be just an expert.

My screening force of light foot and skirmishers, 
while doing their job, are starting to thin out.

I hurry up my right wing heavy foot 
only to see them go disordered.

On the left I've sent some Greek light cavalry on a sweep.

A very wide sweep.
At least they took one of the longbow units out of the Burgundian line
and didn't get themselves in any trouble.

My peltasts are coming to grips with the longbow.

And the pikes go in!

Might right wing is doing well, although they are having trouble rallying

Javelin skirmishers - love em!

My expert CinC is just having a fair day.

One unit of Hoplites on my left has been chewed up.
My right is having trouble finding targets

The end of the left wing.

But it is damn close! 
However I was just not able to get in and do enough damage.


  1. Facing long bows is always going to be tough


  2. It's too risky to try and rush them as at best they are just going to get a closer shot at you without needing to move and worst you are disordered too boot. Only good thing is my Peltasts are only worth one morale point (VD) whereas the LB are two.

  3. Great report Mark. I played Andrew last week and he did touch me up. What was your final result mate?

    1. It was close, I think we were both down to defeat if we lost one more unit. Sadly that happened to my army first.