Thursday, November 17, 2016

Songs of Drums and Shakos Over a Hill

Much like the last game, although this time I've read the rules.  We had 235 points a side which gave the French (my team) a squad of seven and the Prussians, ably commanded by Mark B, eight figures.

Each side was different in their abilities.

The French commander

Using the cover of the hill, the French advance on the Prussians.

The Prussian landwher man the wall and start delivering some telling volleys,
 while the Prussian jager gain the hill and deliver some accurate shots.

The Prussians maintain the pressure, 
however the white puffs of smoke indicate they need to spend time to reload.

The French attempt to fight back.

Two French grenadiers gain the hill and hand to hand combat ensues.

It was an exciting fight for the hill.

The French won the hill, but...

Losses had been high, too high.

The French commander orders a retreat.
Sound the drums, but marching feet...

There came none.

Excellent game for a club night, just need a bit more practise and some extra troops to say double the forces available and then perhaps have a bit of campaign.


  1. Looks like fun. How would it cope with 12 figure units?

    1. 12 figures or even more, say up to 20 would be okay, however it would then be better playing with teams, each playing having say a squad. The challenge (and it's not unique to these rules) is remembering which figures have already been activated in your turn.