Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wings of Surprise

Last night at the club Stephen brought out his new mat and a new plane and even had devised a scenario for us to play.  All a bit of a surprise (except the new plane, he's always getting new planes).

From left to right we have Herr Brendan in the Phonix, then me in the Albatross and Herr Mark B in the Fokker making a dastardly attack on the damaged Bristol Fighter commanded by Stephen.

It might be damaged, but it is going a long at a cracking if spluttering pace.  
Maybe we won't catch it?

But we do.
Oh, and the Phonix is in flames, although the significance was lost on us at the time.

Surprise!  The Fokker finds he has a friend.

And just as the Bristol is turning left, I get this bit of rudder damage.

But the Bristol has rudder damage and can't turn for home.

I skillfully execute an Immelmann.

The escorting Spad is sticking it into the Fokker.

The Phonix, rising from the flames, gets a killing blow on the Bristol.

It helps that the pilot of the Phonix has the "sniper" ace ability. 

Now to get the Spad.

I'm turning, it's diving.

It's getting away!


End of the show and we all got off with little damage, except for the Fokker.
Most of those hits were aimed and so get a plus one to any damage inflicted.
By my count we have 4 plus 1+1, 1+1, 2+1 and 4+1.
That makes for 16...


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