Friday, October 14, 2016

Scots Isles and Highlands versus Classical Indians

A bit of a training mission and inspired by the fact I'm currently watching and loving Outlander.

In the NWS Impetus Leagues Mark Woods and his Classical Indians will be matched against a Scots army.  Without knowing a thing about the army I thought it would be fun to run his Scots and see how they went against his Indians.

When I finally did look at the Scots list I was shocked to see not very much, except that I soon realised there would be a lot of em.

It looks like my right will face the chariots

My centre the elephants.

And my left the archers.

End of turn 2 and we'd inched closer.

Dinner starts being prepared in camp.

The Indian chariot commander gets a poor result.

End of turn 3 and there is still a way to go.

Even by end of turn 4 there is still a good distance between the two forces.
A gap has opened up between my two lines.
I later discovered I was moving my Highland bow too fast.

Turn 5 and I'm within shooting range (ineffective)

The main body of warriors are screened by some Irish mercenaries in a variety of dress.

I've deployed Irish and bow armed Scots across my whole front.

The heavy infantry are a mix of Nobles, Isle Warriors and ill-equipped Islemen and Highlanders.
Mark tells me he has used figures from eight or more different manufacturers.

By Turn 6 the centre screening force has got well in advance of the main line.

Following the chariot commander's poor example 
the Indian elephant commander, C-in-C no less, follows suit.

The bow armed Highlanders handle themselves well.
The left flank Irish less so.

The Irish have been told the elephants are good to eat.
It is around now they realise they haven't been given appropriate cutlery.

But the Irish on the left know a tasty horse when they see one.

By the end of turn 8 the chariot force is broken.

The centre is fully engaged, the Scots having done a double move to get into contact.
Meant they kept together, but became disordered.

And on the left the Irish keeping chewing up all that stands before them.

Last turn and the Indian commander loses conviction to maintain the fight.
Fair enough.

The screen has been very effective.

Plenty of Indian archers remaining,
but their morale is just about broken.


  1. Interesting idea ..I expected, (and hoped for) a scottish /irish win

  2. Enjoyed the report. I like Impetus but am finding a long learn.

    1. Thanks. Some of the concepts in Impetus are quiet different to other rules and it takes a while to get used to. For example, completely doing one unit (rally, move(s)/fire, combat etc) before moving on to the next and the way hits are converted to casualties. The more I play the more I appreciate just how good the system is.

  3. Nice looking game Mark. Interesting match-up. Must be that Indian invasion of Scotland somewhere between 1 000 BC and 1300 AD that I am a list hazy about! :)
    Five turns to any contact. Did you begin the game at 25 mm distance by mistake? ha ha!

    1. Thanks James.

      The Indians were the defenders...

      Table was regulation 120cm wide and we (the Scots set up 20cm back from the centre - maximum permitted). The Indians hung back. Heavy foot plod forward at the rate of 5cm a turn. Everything evolved as you'd expect.