Monday, October 10, 2016

28th Dragoons

From a batch of figures purchased at the beginning of the year, I have finally brought these ones to life.  I was originally thinking of going for red facings, but settled on orange.

Outdoors and the camera appears challenged.  
Actually it is the user who has it on manual without knowing how to do the settings.
Best switch to automatic.

There's me boys!

And as they are for use with Napoleon's Battles, 
let's try them out in some other formations.

These would be classed as 20FrLC.

At the maximum size for a cavalry unit, 
they sure take up a bit of space.

The classic rear shot.

Something different - eagle eye view.

And trying to be artsy 
That white smudge really is the moon.

In loading that last shot I know see that I've bent one of the swords.  Doh!

However I also see that the photo nicely displays the work I went to in cutting out the reins.

The AB figures are a delight to paint, although some of the dragoon moulds appear to be a bit past their prime.  The dragoons with muskets are I believe a newer sculpt and much sharper in comparison to the other figures.  There is even a flaw in one pose which has been cast without the front belt, you probably noticed my poor attempt to paint one on.

I've another 12 dragoons to do and then I will have the force I need for the French at Austerlitz.


  1. Nice work! French Austerlitz OB nearly complete? That is a large force using NB. I would enjoy seeing these Austerlitz French out on parade ground review. As for the AB dragoons getting long in the tooth, I have not noticed that.

    1. Thanks. Yes, a big layout of the Austerlitz French force will be done (next year on current progress).

      The ABs are certainly holding up better than some Tin Soldier castings I've purchased over the years. Pros and cons of buying in bulk.

  2. Very nice job SoY, Yes I had the same bother with my AB French dragoons, large bit of cast below the gun butt on most. Wanted to paint them a few times but put them back in storage, to much cleaning.

    1. Thanks. And spot on, that bit of cast on the gun butt was what lead me to believe they are getting old. I did the reins and most of the bit between scabbard and boot, but hard work.

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  4. Are these the old sculpts from the early 1990's? They are a bit smaller than the late 1990's sculpts as well, if so.

    1. Purchased this year, but I believe date from the 1990s. The guys with the muskets are a tad bigger (based on the helmet tuft size). But all certainly bigger than the Battle Honours figures which date from around same time and sculptor.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. I felt I'd done a good job on them. I was using some pictures as inspiration.