Thursday, June 30, 2016


Last night I took my Vikings into a six player game based on the Feast of Crows scenario.

On my immediate left was Mark B with Dave B's Normans.

Going clockwise we then had Paul's Vikings, a work in progress.

Brendan's Normans in fine undercoat

Stas' magnificent Pagan Rus

Olivier's Scots which someone unkindly called White Walkers.

And my Vikings

The Pagan Rus invoked snow and that slowed things down as my Vikings tired to make a dash for the Scots who came shuffling forward.

To say it went badly would be overstating the prowess of my unlucky Vikings.

It was a bloodbath

Shortly after this photo was taken my Vikings were wiped out.

My losses would have given victory to the Scots.  The Pagan Rus had some kills up while both Paul and Brendan's force had sustained a good number of losses.  Mark B went home with his forces mostly intact (one might have suffered some frost bite) and his swords uncontaminated by blood.


  1. Your Vikings look fantastic. Love that flag. Nice to see a gaming group where people are tolerant of different (or no) painting styles.

    1. Thanks. I can take no credit as they were purchased.

      Looking at the fielded forces you have some at almost every stage.

      Fresh out the box.
      Assembled and detailed.

      The small size of forces involved in Saga has encouraged people to get involved, they just have different time and resources to apply to completing an army. It was pure serendipity that an army came up for purchase when I decided to get involved. The chap with the borrowed army has also bought figures and is slowly getting them painted (I know as I painted some of his horses for him).

  2. Yep - good horse painting Sun 'o York. Now the Sassanids are being done in Hk I'll be finishing my Norman's "real soon" (in 2017!). I guess The Scots won?

  3. I thought my "White Walkers" comment was mildly amusing Mark - especially in the current Game of Thrones hysteria!