Monday, June 27, 2016

The Battle of Jutland 1916

I'm back from my holidays (although some would say my life is now one big holiday) and for me a sign of a good holiday is the chance to read some books, perhaps buy some books (I did go to Foyles in Charing Cross Road, London - amazing place, I might have been there before but that would have been decades ago) or even be bequeathed some books.  It is in that latter happy (although with a tinge of sadness) category I received the book "The Battle of Jutland 1916" by George Bonney.

I've read Dreadnought, but it was before I started adding relevant book reviews to my blog.  This is the link to that book and my comment that I inflicted on my Facebook friends.

"Only downside was the book almost weighed the same as a battleship. This book is about the causes of WW1 (one of them being the arms race in building bigger and better battleships) and gives some fascinating accounts of the British and German leaders (kind of like Downton Abbey meets the real world)."

So, I was familiar with the background to the battle in a political sense.  Jutland 1916 is something of a coffee table type book with plenty of photos and illustrations, but of necessity sometimes light on in detail.  In terms of background I found it a handy refresher.

The conduct of the battle I felt was well covered.  It makes me want to get out the old SPI Dreadnought game and give the battle another go.

The discussion of the consequences of the battle was also interesting, both as it affected the war and the individuals.

What was particularly interesting was the author comparing political actions (of the ruling class) in the lead up to the war and the battle with the events of more recent times (it was published in 2002). Ignoring advice, sidelining opponents, opposition to change - the continual and sadly common place horrors of management, terrifying when seen in a nation;s defence forces and foreign affairs.

If it's a format you like, well worth acquiring or borrowing from the library.

There will be post(s) on the other books I received.


  1. Timely post as I am half thinking of Jutland for my holiday reading.
    Many thanks,

  2. Timely post as I am half thinking of Jutland for my holiday reading.
    Many thanks,