Monday, June 27, 2016

Latest Purchase - ACW and Napoleonic camp sets

I placed an order for these with Old Glory UK before I left and had them sent to where I would be staying in the North East.  Saved myself a bit of money on postage (which I needed for some of the books I picked up while on my holiday - the man at the post office referred to the cost as "silly money").  That said I was charged postage twice as due to the online check out process I'd ended up putting through two orders (when that happened to me with AB I was on charged the once...)

Four packets, cost me over $A100.  I would have bought more, but at that price and knowing the risk they would just languish on lead mountain, I had resisted.

Now let's look inside

Very happy with this set 15FE-24: Cantiniers and Accessories

Initially not so happy with this set as I thought it was around the same price as the other one, but on checking it was half the cost so that's okay
15FE-23: Medical Staff and Wounded French

Another good, if somewhat gruesome set (there's a guy about to have his leg amputated) 
15ACW-072: 2 Wheeled Ambulance with Hospital Brigade

This set has the snake oil spruiker, what more could you want?  
15ACW-094: Suttlers Wagon

I've always had an interest in the rear area aspects of armies and I'm torn between doing these up as dioramas or as markers.  I'll probably try for something in between, if I ever get them off lead mountain.


  1. Very nice Mark and welcome back. The medical orderly etc. has me intrigues as it would appear that the chaps sitting down have been poorly served by the regimental surgeon. Poor buggers have been cut in half :-)

    1. I don't know about that, but he's made a mess of the wagon